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Wednesday, November 8, 2017


The long awaited and highly anticipated jambo reunion is set for Sunday November 19th at 4 pm.
Same place, same scout channel, the church at 765 S 100 E, Ephraim, UT.

We will view pics form the jamboree and tour, and also reminisce.
We will also have a historical side as Colton has invited his uncle to come and share his scout collection with us.

Please bring your favorite snack or treat to share.  Get ready for some fun!
Of course parents, families, and friends are invited.
​Jambo Baby!

​Live Scouting’s Adventure!

Friday, July 28, 2017

Things I'll miss about Jamboree

Mark Greenwood "All the fun things that were available all the time."
Ethan Bowden "Scuba Diving."
Jordan Durtchi "Hand pie."
Hunter Branham "Paddle boarding."
Colten Fulmer "Paddle boarding."
Aaron Hughes "Paddle boarding."
Mitch Larsen "Donald Trump. #Trump2016"
Jared Multen "Telling people what to do."
Nick Barton "Nothing"
Grant Multon "The entire troop and having us all together."
James Oliver "Secret bathroom."
Jacob Oliver "Secret bathroom."
Rory Smith "All the different people there."
Dane Seely "Secret bathrooms."
Porter Freston "High adventure stuff."
Stetson Evans "All of my friends close to me."
Ethan Jones "All the activities and things to do."
Matt Caldwell "Nothing."
Alec Goodrich "Mostly the BMX stuff."
Cole Davis "BMX."
Carson monfredi :"the people"
Ethan Ferguson  "all the fun activities"
Trevor Steck "all the activities"
Keaton Rigby "being in charge of the food"
Matthew Rigby " all the people"
Landon Jones "shooting"

Shane North

Things I won't miss about Jamboree

Mark Greenwood "Definitely the humidity."
Ethan Bowden "Waking up early."
Jordan Durtchi "Bee stings." 
Hunter Branham "The freaking cold showers that pelted you hard."
Colten Fulmer "Having people look at me when I'm taking a dump."
Aaron Hughes "Humidity."
Mitch Larsen "The sewage smells."
Jared Multen "Being wet."
Nick Barton "Cold showers."
Grant Multon "Cold showers."
James Oliver "Terrible internet"
Jacob Oliver "Having to walk everywhere."
Rory Smith "The food."
Dane Seely "Liberals."
Porter Freston "Cold showers."
Stetson Evans "The humidity."
Ethan Jones "Cold showers."
Matt Caldwell "The humidity."
Alec Goodrich "The bathrooms."
Cole Davis "Probably the bathrooms."
Carson Monfredi "smelly bathrooms"
ethan ferguson "walking everywhere"
Trevor Steck "the mud that smells like crap"
Keaton Rigby "cold showers"
Matthew Rigby"humidity"
Landon jones "cold showers"

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Jamboree overview

So far Jamboree has been a blast! We started this amazing adventure last Thursday, July 13. That night when we flew into Baltimore, MD we went first to the a food court in D.C. and then troop 3339 started the Washington D.C. touring by going to the Washington monument and Lincoln monument. Then the troop went to the Double Tree and stayed the night.

We started off the 14 early by going to the Jefferson memorial, then to the Martin Luther King Jr. memorial. While we were there we all saw Marine 1 fly over top of us. After MLK memorial we went to the United States Capitol building with a guided tour from some interns of senator Lee's office. We all enjoyed the tour of the Capitol and all the cool things inside. After we went to the Capitol, we went and toured the White House. We saw all the cool paintings and statues inside the White House. Then we all went to the Regan food court in D.C. and ate lunch. After lunch we all wanted to go to the Smithsonian Air and Space museum. While we all were having a good time at the Air and Space museum a huge rain storm moved in. They at first wouldn't let us out because of the storm, then after a good 15 minutes of very heavy raining it stopped. When we left the museum we noticed a tree had fallen right onto the sidewalk. We all decided while we were waiting for the bus to come, we'd move the tree so people could walk. Our troop was caught on video doing this, and eventually made it to a few news stations. After the Air Space museum troop 3339 proceeded to Arlington National Cemetery and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. We enjoyed this somber experience in a slight drizzle before going to the Marine Memorial. We hurry and took a picture and hopped back onto the bus to go to dinner. After dinner we went to the Washington D.C. temple, then to the hotel.

Saturday morning of the 15 we went first to Fort McHenry in Baltimore, then on to Gettysburg Battle Field. We had a very cool bus tour of the battle field and went through the visitors center, then drove to Philadelphia PA for the night.

Sunday morning we got up and went to Liberty Hall and saw where the founding fathers signed the Declaration of Independence. After that the troop went and saw the Liberty Bell. Then we went and got lunch then went to the Philadelphia temple, and the Philadelphia Museum of Art where Rocky ran up the steps. Then we drove to the priesthood restoration site and went to sacrement meeting. Then we went to an A&W for dinner and drove to Syracuse NY. Then we went to Hotel.

Monday morning the troop went to the Whitmer Farm and toured the homes. After we attended sacered grove, Smith Farm, Palmyra Temple, The Hill Cumorah Vistor Center, and Grandin Print Shop. These where all great experiences for all of us to be able to tour some of the Church Sites and be able to feel the excitment, and the dear letters of our parents. They wrote some very emotional experience for all of us to be apart of. We later drove to Mentor, OH

Monday, April 24, 2017


Our meeting for this weekend Saturday April 29th will be at the scout office in Orem.  We will be meeting with the Vernal Troop so you won’t want to miss this one.
We have a leadership meeting in the morning and then we will meet together as a Troop at 1 pm.
Anyone wanting a ride up, I will be leaving at 6 am from the church in Ephraim where we have been holding our monthly meetings, 765 S 100 E. We will have some activities for the boys not involved with the leadership meeting.
A special perk the council is giving us is 10% off scout uniforms from 8-9 am this Saturday. One other day is Thursday May 18th 6-8 pm.  They hardly ever discount uniforms so If you need a second uniform for Jamboree, this is a great opportunity.
See you on Saturday!
​Jambo Baby!

​Live Scouting’s Adventure!

Sunday, April 16, 2017

National Boy Scout Jamboree 2017
Live Scouting's Adventure!

Here we go BABY!

Friday, April 10, 2015


Brenden Blackham's Eagle Court is Sunday 
April 12, 2015 @ 5:00pm at the Mt. Pleasant North Stake Center. 400 North 300 West in Mt. Pleasant.

Congratulations Brenden!

See you there!