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Friday, July 28, 2017

Things I'll miss about Jamboree

Mark Greenwood "All the fun things that were available all the time."
Ethan Bowden "Scuba Diving."
Jordan Durtchi "Hand pie."
Hunter Branham "Paddle boarding."
Colten Fulmer "Paddle boarding."
Aaron Hughes "Paddle boarding."
Mitch Larsen "Donald Trump. #Trump2016"
Jared Multen "Telling people what to do."
Nick Barton "Nothing"
Grant Multon "The entire troop and having us all together."
James Oliver "Secret bathroom."
Jacob Oliver "Secret bathroom."
Rory Smith "All the different people there."
Dane Seely "Secret bathrooms."
Porter Freston "High adventure stuff."
Stetson Evans "All of my friends close to me."
Ethan Jones "All the activities and things to do."
Matt Caldwell "Nothing."
Alec Goodrich "Mostly the BMX stuff."
Cole Davis "BMX."
Carson monfredi :"the people"
Ethan Ferguson  "all the fun activities"
Trevor Steck "all the activities"
Keaton Rigby "being in charge of the food"
Matthew Rigby " all the people"
Landon Jones "shooting"

Shane North

Things I won't miss about Jamboree

Mark Greenwood "Definitely the humidity."
Ethan Bowden "Waking up early."
Jordan Durtchi "Bee stings." 
Hunter Branham "The freaking cold showers that pelted you hard."
Colten Fulmer "Having people look at me when I'm taking a dump."
Aaron Hughes "Humidity."
Mitch Larsen "The sewage smells."
Jared Multen "Being wet."
Nick Barton "Cold showers."
Grant Multon "Cold showers."
James Oliver "Terrible internet"
Jacob Oliver "Having to walk everywhere."
Rory Smith "The food."
Dane Seely "Liberals."
Porter Freston "Cold showers."
Stetson Evans "The humidity."
Ethan Jones "Cold showers."
Matt Caldwell "The humidity."
Alec Goodrich "The bathrooms."
Cole Davis "Probably the bathrooms."
Carson Monfredi "smelly bathrooms"
ethan ferguson "walking everywhere"
Trevor Steck "the mud that smells like crap"
Keaton Rigby "cold showers"
Matthew Rigby"humidity"
Landon jones "cold showers"

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