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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Oh what an awesome day! Yesterday morning many in our troop went to Technology Quest. It's a huge group of booths sponsored by different companies or organizations such as Lego or NASA. They had 3D printers, liquid nitrogen, solar panels, and much, much more. [DO NOT TRY WHAT YOU ARE ABOUT TO READ!] One of the booths filled a 2-liter pop bottle with liquid nitrogen and then submerged it in a trash can filled with water. Then... BOOM! The bottle exploded and shot water everywhere! It was pretty freaking awesome. After visiting Technology Quest, Austin Johnson, Eli Butler, and Turner Koyle got to go on The Big Zip, the largest zipline in North America. Some of us went to The Barrels shooting range and had a great time shooting targets. Patch trading has settled down a little bit, but many are still trading like crazy. We're all doing great! Pip Pip Cheerio!

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