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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

We are hours away from leaving!

This is going to be a great experience and one that will last a lifetime.

Just a few reminders-
We have a few people that we still need copy of insurance card front and back.  You should know who you are.

There are about six people that do not have pictures uploaded on their dashboards.

You will need to bring a lunch or money for lunch at the airport.

Letter for the sacred grove.  A great opportunity to share your feelings and testimony.

Waiver/Release form if you have not turned it in.

No pocket knives or any dangerous substances.  (No liquids over 3.4 oz)

Think about all the DC historical sites and vote for your favorite.  We will not be able to see everything.

Scouts on the Sanpete side
We are meeting at Gary's tonight around 9 - 10 pm.
Bring a goody or food to share.  We are staying up until we leave around 2 am for Nephi.

Note:We will be posting events and pics on the facebook page and the blog.

Jambo here we come!

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